Bettisfield Home


Bettisfield used to be a thriving village with shop, pub,school and railway station but in the 1960s the school and railway closed and it wasn’t long before they were followed bu the pub and shop.  Now it is a pleasant hamlet surrounded by fields and bisected by the Llangollen canal.  At the present time (2018) there are about  150 dwellings and a population of 400 .  The main landmarks are St John the Baptist Church, and Bettisfield Windmill.


To the north and east of the village lies The Mosses one of the largest areas of lowland peat bog in the country. At the end of Cadney Lane ,Bettisfield Moss is a site of special scientific interest where wildlife flourishes.  Most of the land around Bettisfield is  given to arable and dairy farming and once all was part of The Hanmer Estate.  Bettisfield Park lies to the west of the A495, during World War 1 it was the site of an artillery training camp .

If you want to find out more about our village then look through the site.  Enjoy your visit.