Welcome to Bettisfield


Bettisfield used to be a thriving village with shop, pub,school and railway station but in the 1960s the school and railway closed and it wasn’t long before they were followed bu the pub and shop.  Now it is a pleasant hamlet surrounded by fields and bisected by the Llangollen canal.  At the present time (2018) there are about  150 dwellings and a population of 400 .  The main landmarks are St John the Baptist Church, and Bettisfield Windmill.

St john the Baptist Church (Consecrated 1878) Designed by G.E.Street


To the north and east of the village lies The Mosses one of the largest areas of lowland peat bog in the country. At the end of Cadney Lane ,Bettisfield Moss is a site of special scientific interest where wildlife flourishes.  Most of the land around Bettisfield is  given to arable and dairy farming and once all was part of The Hanmer Estate.  Bettisfield Park lies to the west of the A495, during World War 1 it was the site of an artillery training camp .

If you want to find out more about our village then look through the site.  Enjoy your visit.



If you are thinking of moving to Bettisfield read on

I have been contacted by several people who are thinking of moving to our village. Obviously they were wanting to do as much homework on the village as possible, i.e. transport, community groups, general facilities, new houses, etc.

I’m pleased to say that I was able to offer unbiased help and advice – for example one lady hadn’t realized that there was no regular bus service to and from the village whilst another was unaware that the village has no mains sewerage system or street lighting.

Each of the people were delighted to hear how friendly the village is and that the village hall is used so well and that we have a thriving community council.

I think we all appreciate just how important it is to do as much homework as possible when thinking of buying a house.  It is after all probably the most expensive outlay that people will ever make and a little local help can be really useful.

If you are thinking of moving to Bettisfield and you would like to have some background on the village, please feel free to contact me on:

tel: 01948 710839

Keith Allan
Chairman: Nags Head Development Action Group and Bettisfield Resident.


Keith has also suppied answers to questions often asked by those considering moving to Bettisfield.

  • Does the village have a bus service? – There is only one bus per week which goes to Wrexham and back on Monday mornings.
  • Does the village have mains sewerage? – No, all properties have private sewerage systems.
  • Does the village have street lighting? – None at all, which leads to some wonderful starlit skies.
  • Do all mobile phone networks work in Bettisfield? -4G is now available on certain networks,
  • Does the village have mains gas? – No, houses use bottled gas or oil.
  • Which authority do you pay your rates to? – Wrexham County  Borough.
  • Who runs the canal? – The Canal and Rivers Trust (CART).
  • Is there a shop or pub in the village? – No, shops are located within a few miles, and the nearest pub is in the next village, Northwood(evenings Wenesday – Sunday). The Hanmer Arms (Hanmer)  also does B&B. We do have a wonderful mobile fish & chips van each Thursday evening at the village hall.
  • Does the village have community activities? – Yes, quiz nights, indoor bowling etc are held in the lovely village hall. There is also a mobile library which visits the village.
  • Where is the nearest Doctor’s surgery? – Approx two miles away in Sabdy Lane Hanmer, Dr Redman. There is a small community hospital in Whitchurch.  There is a First Responder Group in the village and we have a Public Access Defibrillator.
  • Is Fast Broadband available? – Yes the speed will depend upon your distance from the exchange.
  • Are there plenty of good walks? – Yes we have wonderful walks nearby.
    Does the village have a church or chapel? – Yes, both.  They are both very friendly and welcoming to everyone.
  • Is Bettisfield friendly? – It is a most friendly village, where help is always at hand.
  • Are there any schools within the village? – No, but good schools are situated nearby.
  • Nearby locations? – Chester, Shrewsbury, Wrexham and Oswestry are all within easy reach.
  • Are there any major developments planned within the village? – At the time of writing, no.  However a development of 14 houses on the old Nags Head Pub field was refused planning in 2016; full details of the refusal are available via Wrexham Council planning department or by contacting Keith Allan – Chairman of the Nags Head Development Action Group – on 01948 710839 or Keith.allan1@aol.co.uk
  • Is Bettisfield a quiet village? – The village lies within a rural area, it is a quiet and peaceful place to live, villagers are very friendly and welcoming to newcomers.
  • Are there any village facilities for children? – There is a great tennis/sports court which doubles up for football which is played every weekend, newcomers are most welcome. Also a children’s play area is available.  All of these are situated at the village hall.
  • Wildlife. Is there any? – Yes there’s lots to see around the village, with Whixall Mosses nearby, and there is always plenty of really helpful advice from people living within the village.
  • Is there any nearby care for the elderly? – Yes, there is the Rainbow Centre situated a few miles away at Penley village.  This centre has been going for a good number of years and also offers a befriending service to the over 50s – check out their web site.
  • Are there local tradespeople within the village? – Yes, we are well catered for, from septic tanks and drainage s to joinery to central heating to glaziers to garden services to hair dressing.
  • How safe is the village? – As mentioned earlier, Bettisfield is a lovely rural village, today however nowhere is totally crime free but there are very, very few problems related to crime within the village. Neighbours tend to look out for one another. Check out the Community Council minutes for full details.