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Anyone thinking that the Nags Head field did not pose a threat to village houses should look at the pictures below.  Following the recent raains the field is saturated but its sponge-like properties prevented water from flooding down on properties along Cadney Lane.  Read on if you want to see the reasons for refusing planning permission.

The following pictres are by Ian Jones:




























The following photos were provided by Keith Allen

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Planning Permission Refused for Nags Head Dewvelopment of 14 homes.

Town and Country Planning Act. 1990 Location of application


Description of application


In reaching this decision the Council has had regard to the relevant policies in the Wrexham Unitary Development Plan which are as follows:-


EC12 EC13 EC6 6DP1

Development and flood risk Surface water run-off Biodiversity Conservation Development objectives


Particulars of decision that permission be REFUSED


1,         The site lies within an ara of surface water flooding defined by the
updated Flood Map for Surface Water and insufficient information has been submitted to demonstrate no adverse impact on the surrounding area associated with the new development. It is not possible to identify if there is a practical and achievable solution to managing surface water for the development which will not result in an increase in flood risk both to the development site and elsewhere and the application is therefore refused on flood risk grounds, To allow the development would be contrary to policies GDP1(i)» EC12 and EC13 of the Wrexham UDP.

  1. The applicant has provided insufficient information to determine whether the proposed development would pose an unacceptable risk of pollution to the environment. The development involves cesspits and cesspool which poses significant risks. No other method of foul water disposal other than to the main sewers would be suitable at this location. To allow the development would be contrary to Policy GDP1(f) of the Wrexham Unitary Development Plan,
  2. Insufficient ecological surveys and mitigation proposals have been submitted to demonstrate there will be no adverse impact on European protected species and sites. To allow the proposal would be contrary to policies PS2, GDP1(f) and (h) and EC6 of the Wrexham Unitary Development Plan.

Waterlogged Field after December Rains.



As you may be aware, we had a tremendously successful village meeting to explain the details of the proposed new estate on the Nag’s Head site. We are aware that some people were away on holiday or for the Bank Holiday.  We have had numerous people asking for a copy of the presentation and some people have asked whether we could actually repeat the presentation.

If you were unable to attend and would like to hear the presentation, please contact the Chairman of the Nag’s Head Development Action Group, Keith Allan, on 01948 710839 or

Best Regards

Keith Allan

Update September 1st 2015

Well it has finally happenned The developer has submitted an application to WCBC for 14 five bedroomed homes to be build on the greenfiled site of marshland the was at the rear of the Old Nag’s Head pub.  The development is not aimed keeping young people in the village or attracting young families from the area.  Homes of this size are difficult to sell in Bettisfield (check out Zoopla) so will we end up with a ghost estate?

Nags Head Action Group – Update 28 August 2015

Over 50 residents attended a meeting in the village hall to hear about the Planning Application for 14 five bedroomed houses on the green field site behind the former public house.  The developer is seeking permission to build 14 two and three storiey houses each with parking for 4 cars and sealed cess tanks of 25,000 litres.  In spite of the fact that the application has not yet been considered by WCBC work does appear to have started on the access road within the site.

The greenfield site is of marshy and boggy ground with areas of unstable subsoil Residents at the meeting expressed their concerns about groundwater drainage and the fact that 14 cess tanks (plus 4 from the current development) would require an awful lot of journeysby sludge tankers.  Is it now time for the village to get a sewage works under Section 101?


Nags Head Action Group – Update 27/2/2015.

As mentioned previously, Peter Grayburn and myself had a meeting with the Nags Head developer on Thursday 26/2/2015 at the village hall.

The main outcome of the meeting was that we made it abundantly clear that we would monitor the build and that any deviation from the plan would be reported immediately to the relevant authorities.

Drainage was obviously a major topic. We explained to the developer the many problems and issues in this regard and we offered to walk the entire site etc, to point out existing drainage issues. The developer tried to assure us that all drainage is agreed by his experts, needless to say this significant part of the build will be monitored closely by ourselves and we will use every legal means to ensure that any work carried out is to a good standard so as not to cause problems with flooding etc.

The developer admitted that planning consent had lapsed on the main Nags Head field and Ash Cottage site. He confirmed that he will be reapplying for planning ASAP. People living within the village will have the opportunity to object. We would urge you to ALL help fight this development by lodging an objection at the appropriate time.  I will let you know the best time to do this, as doing it too soon could well cause us a problem.

To ensure that any objections gain maximum support from the council, it is important that you use certain criteria, rather than personal issues.  As a help I have enclosed a link that you may find useful when putting forward your objections:


Please read the link and start to prepare your letter of objection ASAP – then hold onto it until we advise you when to send it in.
The developer stated that he will be applying to put a bedroom above the garages on the four houses that he has got consent for, this effectively makes it a full terrace, rather than two pairs of semis joined by garages.

We understand from the developer that to date none of the four houses have been sold.

Please contact me for any information, offers of support etc.

Keith Allan

Chairman – Nags Head Development Action Group.


20th February 2015

An action group has been formed within the village regarding the Nags Head Development site. The aims of the group are:

  • To ensure as far as possible that the development is carried out correctly in terms of the planning consents approved by the local authority.
  • To ensure that the new development does not have a negative impoact on the village environment in particular stormwater and groundwater drainagwe and aesthetic values.

The 1st meeting took place on Friday 20th Feb 2015 at the Village hall and was well attended.

The working group  as follows:

Chairman – Keith Allan
Secretary – Peter Bunce
Treasurer – Barbara Cox
Facilities –  David Jones
Media – Keith Allan
Printing – Jeremy Bartley
Planning Liaison – Phil Jones & John Blanchard (Community Councillors)
Health and Safety – Ken Muir
Environment/Highways/Drainage – Alwyn Reay
Wildlife – David Jones

Concerns were voiced regarding Health and Safety, both on and off the site.

The Chairman said that speed and accuracy of the group was essential, as the development was moving along quickly.

A major concern and objective is the potential negative impact on drainage within the village. This issue to receive priority attention in view of past and current drainage issues within the village.

The Chairman has invited the Developer Mr Gurjit Singh Mahal to a meeting on Thursday 26th Feb 2015.

Should anybody have any concerns, thoughts or issues they wish to raise, please contact Keith Allan on: 710839.