A Grand Day Out

Bettisfield First Responder, David Jones and his wife Ann, The Oaks, Cadney Lane were invited to a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday 21st May 2019 in recognition of his services as a Community First Responder.

It was a beautiful sunny day and 8000 guests enjoyed Afternoon Tea in Buckingham Palace Gardens

It was attended by the Queen, William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge together with Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Edward and Sophie, Earl and Countess of Wessex 


Volunteer Drivers  needed

If you have a few hours week and you have a driving licence that permits you to drive class D or D1 vehicles then you could do your community a service by volunteering to drive this minibus.  Phone 01948 830730



Watch Your Step!

The good, the bad and the ugly side of dog ownership

If you walk the canal towpath through Bettisfield you could be forgiven for thinking that there is an epidemic of dog fouling.  As a visually challenged walker I have no desire to return home with dog shit on my footwear.  Responsible dog owners will bag it and dispose of it at home or in a black litter bin.  Not so responsible think that adorning  the hedges  with hanging bags of excrement is the best way to dispose of it.  The ugly side of dog owning is to leave it in place for unwary walkers and their children.  If you spot someone allowing their dog to foul the towpath, please name and shame on the Bettisfield Village Facebook page.  There are no receptacles for dog poo bags along the towpath because there is no one to empty them.  If you would like serve your community by collecting and emptying DP bins on a regular basis, don’t be backward about coming forward.

Pot Holes, Again!

Ido remember to report pot holes via the WCBC website.  Its unfortunate but those pot holes that get the most mentions are the ones to be sorted first.  You dont need to give an exact position, For example Main Street or Cadney Lane,will siffice.

Apologies if you have had trouble accessing the Bettisfield Village Website.

The hosting service has been updating  and unfortunately our data base became corrupted.  Thanks to Gareth for sorting the problem.

The Old Shop

Nice to see that work has started to improve the Old Shop site.  Planning permission is being sought by the new owners to renovate the cottage as a single dwelling and to add a rear and side extension.  You can view their proposals via the WCBC Planning Portal.

New Community Bus Service

The Penley Rainbow Centre is starting a new Community Bus Service from Hanmer and Bettisfield to Stan’s Supermarket every Friday starting on November 2nd.  The bus will l;eave from Hanmer Post Office and call at Bettisfield Bus shelter (Canal Bridge) at 11am.  The return fare will be £3 and you will have time for shopping and some lunch.  On its return the bus will drop you at your door.  You must book a seat by calling the Rainbow Centre on 01948 830730.

Old Peat Factory

The feasibility study has now been completed and the results published.  If you would like a copy of the report please get in touch with Natural England at their base at Fenn’s Bank.

Village Projects

The Community Council is looking for ideas of projects to enhance our village appearance and appeal.  If you have an idea that you think would make a good project please get in touch with one of your Councillors.

Silent silhouette

The Community Council has purchased one for the village to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice.

Fallen Gravestone

Are you a relative /descendant of Alfred and Agnes Evans who are buried in Bettisfield Churchyard.  The headstone was dangerous and has had to be laid on its back for safety. If you are a relative or know someone who is please ask them to contact the Vicar or Churchwarden.

Road Diversions

While the roadwork are being done on Avenue Lane traffic has been diverted along Church Lane.  PLEASE DRIVE SENSIBLY it is a narrow lane with a very poor surface and some are treating it like a rally track.  If you are intimidated by a driver/vehicle please report it to the PCSOs.

Bell Tower Clean Up

The local jackdaws love nesting in the louvers of the bell tower.  On a recent climb inside the tower to reset the church clock and replace a broken bell rope, John reported that the jackdaws had finally broken through the mesh and were nesting inside the tower.  If you have a slim figure (rules me out!) and would be willing to help replace the mesh and clear the platform of nesting material please let one of the ringers know.  Possible dates would be towards the end off July or August.  On the plus side you get a great view of the surrounding countryside.

Road Resurfacing

Do not hold your breath but Avenue Lane is due to be resurfaced in June, followed by the A495 / Hanmer New Road junction.  So expect some disruption to your daily commute.

Nag’s Head Development – A Decision is Made

Finally, WCBC Planning have come to a decision on the application for 9 houses on the Nag’s Head field and refused permission.  The main reasons given were potential flooding of neighboring properties, overloading of the village drains , damage to conservation and biodiversity and pollution of groundwater. The letter of refusal also stated that development in Bettisfield should be halted until mains drainage is installed.

New Family Worship at St Johns

When you try something new it is always a risk but the new service at 11am on the first Sunday in the month has proved a great hit.  The new play area in church was much appreciated y children and mums alike.  There was a lot of networking and enthusiasm for the service.  Look out for details on social media or get in touch by clicking here

The Old Peat Factory

There is to be a meeting in Bettisfield Village Hall on March 13th from 6 – 8 pm to discuss the project to renovate / conserve the Old Peat Fasctory  which is close to Cambrian Cottage on The Moss.  If you have any views you would like to express please come along.

Potholes – Update

Our Borough Councillor John McCusker has managed to pin down Gareth Matthews (the person with responsibility for highways in this part of the borough) and wil be bringing him around to show just how bad the potholes are.  If you have a favourite pothole why not report it to WCBC and copy in John McCusker.  You will then need to pray that we get some action on filling them in.

Potholes –  the scourge of WCBC Roads.

Another wet winter and drivers, cyclists and walkers are plagued by the ever growing number and size of potholes.  Cadney Lane has more than its fair share, while the Cadney appears to be slipping into the ditch over quite a long stretch.  We dont get many bangs for our bucks of Council Tax in Bettisfield so are we not entitled to having our roads repaired promptly and properly?

Community Feedback Meeting

There was a terrific turnout at the Hanmer Arms for the Community Health Feedback meeting with Karen Owen of the Betsi Cadwalader University Health Board.  The main topic of the evening was the fact that patients of the Hanmer Surgery were having to use premises that were unfit for purpose by any stretch of imagination.  In spite of which Dr Redman was doing a great job in bringing care closer to home.  Although there has been a plan by Dr Redman to provide new health care premises fit for the 21st Century, the BCUHB have consistently failed to consider his case.  At the end of the meeting a petition of 1200 signatures was presented to Karen for her to pass onto the CEO of the BCUHB calling for action.  The health board seems hapy to spend money taking on the management of failing practices but very reluctant to support thriving vibrant rural practices.  Yo have to ask yourself WHY?

Community News

By the time you read this the 146 bus service will have resumed under the operation of Pats Coaches.  There will be no increase in the service.  All of Wrexham’s buses depend on subsidies and it costs operators  around £75,000 per year to operate a single bus.  So unless there is a huge increase in fares the best we can expect is more of the same.  Surely it is time for a radical rethink of how transport services are provided for rural areas such as ours?  Should all transport be organised at a community level?  Would car-sharing work?  I can’t wait for driver-less cars to come into use but I don’t think it will be in my lifetime!

You may have heard that WCBC now uses Litter Wardens who can issue on the spot fines.  It can be no surprise that pole position of places where fines have been issued goes to the road outside the prison.

Council Tax rise for the borough is capped at 3.9% for 2018/19 (=£45 for a Band D property) so there will be plenty of cuts in services coming our way.  Whatever rumour you may have heard here are some actions which are being considered.

·          Blue Badge holders to pay for parking.

·          Schools Music Service. Charges for lessons to be reviewed.

·          Refuse collection: may be a charge for a second and third green bin.

·          Plastic waste recycling:  will be changes because of the China decision.

·          There is no money for pothole repair. (Where does ort VED and fuel duty go??)

Do you live in a Council House in Bettisfield?  If so, you  may be eligible for a grant to improve it’s exterior appearance – fences, gates, paths etc.  please contact a Community Councillor.

A stakeholder group has been formed (Bronington CC, Cadwyn Clwyd,  Whixall Parish Council, Natural England) to undertake a feasibility study on restoring the Old Peat Factory beyond Cambrian Cottage. At least one villager has expressed misgiving about this and the impact it’s restoration it may have on our village.

Traffic in Cadney Lane

The village flasher (Vehicle Activated Speed Radar) has revealed some surprising statistics about traffic in Cadney Lane.  During a one month survey in 2016 there were some 830 vehicle movements along the lane every day, a rather large amount for such a small road which has no footpath , a terrible surface and plenty of potholes.  Imagine the chaos that might ensue if contractors vehicles lined the road by the Old Shop.  Would the farm vehicles and refuse lorries get past?  We don’t have a bus service but there are plenty of supermarket and oil delivery vehicles not to mention large vaccy tankers to suck out those ever-filling cess tanks.

The Donkey Field

First apologies, when your Community Council was in negotiations with the Canal and Rive Trust to lease the field as a village community space, its was referred to as The Donkey Field for ease of reference.  Reg Mreedith has pointed out that it used to be known as The Office because there was a building by the bridge.  Do you have any knowledge of the field’s use?  Was  donkey ever in it or only towing horses?

A big thank you the David Jones who has taken on the job of getting the hedge back into shape.  If you can spare a few hours to help in any way your services would be very welcome.

Village to lose Historic Cottage?

A planning application has been received by WCBC to demolish The Old Shop in Cadney Lane and replace it with 2 three bed roomed detached houses and a car park for 6 cars.  You may be forgiven for thinking ‘How are they going to shoe horn them in?’  But if permission is granted the village will lose  one of the original cottages.  OK, its not Attingham Park or Erddig but it does represent the last link with the early settlement of Bettisfield.  Although the building has 2 front doors for many years it was used as a single-occupation home and all the rooms were inter-connected.  It even has the original village bread oven!  If you feel strongly that this historic building should be retained then please write and object to The Head of Planning WCBC,  The application number is P/2017/0923.  The current owner purchased the cottage some years ago and has done nothing to stop its deterioration.  If you area neighbour you might like to consider that two homes of four persons per home will produce 450 cubic meters of waste water annually, where will that go in this area of the village that is already at risk of flooding?

Would it not be more sustainable to renovate or rebuild the cottages on their original footprint and preserve the village heritage?

Children’s Playground at the Village Hall

Your support s needed for plans to improve the children’s playground at the village hall.  An application has been made to the Aviva community Trust for funds to kick-start the project and success depends on how many people in the village vote for the scheme.  Details can be found on the Maelor South Community Council and Bettisfield Village Facebook pages.  Please pport this scheme.

nk seen in garden

A large mink was seen in a garden along Cadney Lane on 6th November.  Have you seen anything like the animal in the photo below?  A large mink will kill a cat.

Large male mink





August’s Most Wanted

The Bettisfield Flasher has been in us for more than 18 months but it is still recording vehicles doing over 70mph as they approach and leave the village.  The chart below shows those vehicles dong over 70mph during the period 9th August to 6th September 2017.

The Over 70 Club

The data shows that most drivers approaching the village slow down as soon as they see the sign, perhaps not realising how fast they are travelling.  However, some drivers actually speed up when the see the sign which really beggars belief.  The fasted speed  recorded was on 27th August at 17.36 at 89 mph!

We have been told by WCBC Highways Department that ‘speed limits in Bettisfield are being reviewed’, so lets hope they come down of an enforceable 30mph limit before someone is killed.

Bettisfield’s  Black Hole – Right!  said Fred

If you stand on top of bettisfield bridge, in the middle of the road and look at  your feet you should see theBlack Hole glistening in the rain.  It was ‘filled in’ on Wednesday but I use the term advisedly as any filling has now disappeared.  What a waste of money! It took at least 2 visits by Hoghways operatives to assess the hole and another to fill it in.  Now they will have to do it all over again.  WCBC needs to take some lessons from the Scottish Borders Highways team..  There the edges of potholes are cut cleanlyy, the hole filled with hot asphalt and the edges sealed with bitumen.  Result – the repair lasts and lasts.  So WCBC can we pplease have some proper repairs to the potholes in Bettisfield?  After all its our money you are spending.

Interested in Local History?

A new website is worth checking out if you are interested in the history of the Maelor Saessneg.  You can find it by clicking here

Bettisfield and Penley both feature and there are some intersting old photographs on the site.


Don’t forget that if you see something suspicious happening in the village you can phone 101 and report it to North Wales Police.  In 2016 two me were seen walking around the lane with a greyhound /’ lucher type of dog.  A car number was taken and they were found to be from a Hare Coursing gang in the West Midlands.  The North Wales Rural Crime team were very pleased to be alerted to their presence in the village.  You can also put an alert on the Bettisield Village Facebook page .







Farm shop and Cafe

Lyn and Roger Edwards having obtained planning permission from Shropshire CC it appears that the whole process has to be gone through again.  If you supported or objectd to the first application you might want to repeat your actions for this new application (reference 17/01768/FUL).  I personally support this application as it will help tourism and bring jobs to our area.

Dark Skies Ahead?

No, its not Brexit.  Looking at a wonderful night sky a couple of nights ago I wondered if Bettisfield might qualify as a ‘Dark Skies Area@.  It is a designation that might help the village attract visitors how have a special interest in star gazing.  We have very little light pollution in the village and are probably the nearest dark sky area to the connurbations of the west midlands.   Your views on this would be much appreciated.

 Cycling LEJOG?

Its spring (almost) and some will be thinking of cycling this summer, perhaps the Land’s End – John o’Groats route (not me!)  If you are the don’t forget that Bettisfield Church offers a tranqil place for a picnic and pit stop but please fill in the visitor book.

saleposterNags Head Sale Poster

Someone has emailed the Village Web offering to sell a poster which advertises the sale of the Nag’s Head pub in 1878.  If you are interested in purchasing it please contact me and i will send uoi the sellers email. – Phil



Down on the Mosses

At the December Community Council Luke Neal of Shropshire Wildlife gave a synopsis of the new £5 million EU fundied project.

The project has acquired the Furber’s site, it used to be the scrapyard, and this will form the centrpiece of the project.  During the first year there will be a major clean-up of the site whilst birch and pine trees that were self setters will be felled to clear the moss.

In year 2 there will be major timber processing on the site with removal of the treetrunks by the contractor and chipping of the brash.

In year 3 92020) a visitor centre will be constructed with craft cabins, coffee shop, boadwalks onto the moss and the 100,000 used tyres being recycled into raised beds and other suitable eco-friendly structures.  It would cost the project at least £1 per tyre to remove them from the site rather than recycle in situ.

It is hoped that the scheme will be designated a Nature Improvement Area which is the best way of ensuring the sustainability of a high quality landscape, water and air quality.

There will be a Conference in Whitchurch Civiv Centre on March 22nd 2017, at which the full project plans will be revealed.

Is the Hanmer Arms a pub at risk?

Although a glass or two were raised when the Hanmer Arms reopened recently, regulars are wondering if the new tenants has been put in by the owners to ensure that it’s site has to be developed.  The pub has been at the centre of village life since time immemorial but although the Hotpot and Carols ( a Christmas staple in the Hanmer calendar) took place all was not well with the service provided by the Hanmer Arms.  What is it that makes a pub successful?  If you think you know then answers on a postcard please.

Council Steps In to Find Replacement Bus Services

Wrexham Council has successfully found bus companies to take on all but one of the routes affected following the recent decision by the Traffic Commissioner for Wales to revoke RJ’s of Wem’s Operator License.

The Council does not itself operate bus services, and has not done so since 1986 when bus services were deregulated, but it has undertaken an emergency tender process to encourage commercial operators to run the services with financial support from the Council.

The Council is pleased to announce that the local bus services will continue to operate from Monday 19 December, subject to the Traffic Commissioner’s approval, are:

Service 64:          Ceiriog Valley to Llangollen will be operated by Tanat Valley Coaches as per the existing timetable.

Service 146:        Wrexham to Whitchurch will be operated by D Jones and Son as per the existing timetable

Service 17:          Wrexham to Moss and Lodge will be operated by Wrexham Taxis 3 days per week (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)

Service 34:          Wrexham to Burton & Trevalyn will be operated be Wrexham Taxis 3 days per week (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)

Once the services have been approved members of the public will be able to view timetables on the Council’s website Click here to find out more

Unfortunately, no commercial operator has shown any interest in running Service Number 6 (Wrexham to Ruabon/Pont Adam) so the service will cease to operate from Monday 19 December.  The Council remains committed, however, to finding an operator for this service and will be undertaking another tender exercise for this route as soon as possible.

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said:

“Council officers have completed the tender exercise extremely quickly and efficiently and I would like to thank them for their hard work in doing so.  Their efforts have ensured that the majority of the services that would have been lost following the Traffic Commissioner’s decision will now continue.  The Council is not a provider of commercial public transport, but recognises the role it has to play in securing these services for the public and it will continue to seek a provider for the remaining service.  I am continuing to work regionally with neighbouring authorities prior to the bus summit to be held in January with the Cabinet Secretary for Transport.”

Bettisfield Councillor Vacancies

Foullowing the resignation of Councillor Gurr there are two vacancies for Bettisfield on the Maelor South Community Council.  Being a Councillor does not take up a lot of time, there is one meeting a month.  Generally there are few contencious issues in Bettisfield, apart from the Nags Head Development but if the village amenities and environment are to improve for the benefit of residents then our Councillors need to be pro-active.  Why not give it a go:?

146 Bus Service to Stop (again)

The Welshj Traffic Commissioner has with drawn the Licence from the operators of the 146 service.  Basically he declared the company to be unfit for purpose.  The service will run until Saturday 17th December under supervision to ensure the buses and service is safe.  Wrexham Council are asking for tenders to run the service.  The tendering process closes on January 4th and ther service should start again on 1st April.

Free Car Parking in Wrexham for Christmas Shoppers

As noted at the Hanmer Community Council earlier this month, there will be free parking in the following car parks across Wrexham between 1 and 31 December.  Please share info.

Happy Christmas shopping.


  • Waterworld
  • Crescent Road
  • St George’s Crescent
  • St Giles
  • Market Street
  • Library
  • The People’s Market (Monday to Saturday only)
  • The Guildhall (weekends only)
  • Crown Buildings (weekends only)

Reconstruction of The Somme Battlefield?

Does anyone, apart from the developer, know whats occurrin’ on the field behinf the new Nags Head cottages?  Given that the land was always the boggy centre of the village we wondered if a new fishing lake is about to appear.  Any ideas?  If so please let Wrexham panning know.

Appeal to Drivers using Cadney Lane

Isn’t it typical, you are in a rush to get to work/ the kids to school/attend a 999 call out when you ind a pedestrian on the apex of a blind bend.  So you have to scrape your shiny car or van along the hedge to avoid them.  Because there are few pavements and little or no scope for road widening, Cadney Lane is a shared space for all road users.   There are 4 blind bends along Cadney Lane so please drivers watch out for the pedestrian or dog-walker on these dark mornings.  Any you pedestrians make sure you have high visibility clothing to make drivers aware of your presence.  As Beachcomber once said “Dead dogs butter no parsnips.”

NEW: Community Agent Scheme

Are you looking for a job you can do from home?  Do you care about your community and its people?  If so, then you might be interested in a new scheme being set up by the Welsh Assembly and our borough Council – Community Agents. The scheme aims to provide a single, accessible point of information within the community for people and families at risk.  If you are interested please contact me for a copy of the flyer.

Vacancy for a Bettisfield Community Councillor

Do you taake and interest in village matters?  Have you got a coupole of hours a month to spare?  If so why not become a local Councillor?  Your Community Council covers just about everything local, if you think you can make a valuable contribution then please apply, details are posted on the notice board.

Free! Abdominal Aortic Aneurism Screening

If you are male and over 65 then you are at increased risk from an abdominal aortic aneurism.  This is a thinning of the aorta wall which then balloons into the abdominal cavity.  If undetected they can burst and the result is often fatal.  NHS Wales is offering a free screening service to all men over 65 which involves an ultrasound scan of your abdomen.  If you live in Wales you can arrange for a screening test by phoning 01492 863563.  For the price of a phone call it might just save your life.  Click here to find out more.

The Bettisfield Flyer returns

The Monday bus service from Bettisfield to Wrexham has been reinstated.  Wrexham didn’t tell people in spite of requests to Andrew Mytton for information.  I was in the garden last Monday when t went past at 10 am!  If you want to keep t going then please use it.  The bus leaves the Cadney Lane shelter at 10 am and will pick up at the canal bridge shelter en route to Wrexham.

Watch Out! Thieves about (again)

This time they are targetting garden ornaments so make sure that any items you value are photographed and security marked with a UV pen or SmartWater.  It may just be coincidence but the day before the raid someone in a blue Mitsubishi 4WD called to ask about scrap metal.  If it happens to you please record the vehicle registration, it will help to eliminate the innocent.

Villagers’ Lifeline Disappears

The rural bus number 146F which used to run  on Mondays to Wrexham from Bettisfield stopped when the bus company went bust.  This also affected the Whitchurch – Wrexham bus (No. 146).  The 146 has now resumed service, albeit with a reduced schedule but there is no trace of the 146F!  The Village Web has tried to contact Andrew Myton at WCBC to enquire about the restart of the 146F but has had no success to date.

Taking Speed to a new high

The data below was collected by the Bettisfield Vehicle Activated Speed sign during the months of June and July 2016.  The spot where the camera is situated is on a road that has a 60mph speed limit. A new top speed of 89mph was recorded on 6th July at 17:12.  In all there were 72 vehicles travelling at more than 70mph during the period 21 June – 20 July.  All of the vehicles carried a significantly high speed in Main Street, endangering the safety of pedestrians and other road users.

Surely it is time that Wrexham County Borough Council  stopped sitting on their hands and put a 30mph speed limit in our village?  It may not have escaped your notice that 20mph is now mandatory when driving past schools in Wales – even when those schools are closed for holidays.  Many people both children and adults use the roads in Bettisfield as we have very few stretches of pavement to get to the playground and village hall,  a lower speed limit would greatly contribute to their safety.

Date                                       Time             Speed(approaching / past)

25/06/2016 17:54 71 74 +
25/06/2016 19:20 70  
26/06/2016 07:28 74 75 +
26/06/2016 07:28 78 46 +
26/06/2016 07:36 72  
27/06/2016 18:19 73  
27/06/2016 18:19 71  
29/06/2016 20:36 73 37 +
29/06/2016 22:53 74 74 +
29/06/2016 22:54 73 47 +
02/07/2016 15:18 79 50 +
02/07/2016 19:03 72 42 +
03/07/2016 03:34 70  
03/07/2016 03:34 72  
03/07/2016 03:34 71  
04/07/2016 04:27 72  
05/07/2016 04:23 71  
05/07/2016 04:23 70  
05/07/2016 04:23 73  
05/07/2016 19:55 79 79 +
05/07/2016 19:55 78 46 +
05/07/2016 19:55 75 78 +
06/07/2016 17:12 89 45 +
07/07/2016 06:44 84  
07/07/2016 09:54 73 69 +
07/07/2016 19:18 75 72 +
07/07/2016 19:18 72 75 +
07/07/2016 19:18 76 76 +
07/07/2016 19:18 73 46 +
07/07/2016 19:50 72 70 +
07/07/2016 19:50 71 72 +
08/07/2016 09:34 74 72 +
08/07/2016 09:34 71 49 +
09/07/2016 04:34 72  
09/07/2016 20:15 73 72 +
13/07/2016 12:01 72 47 +
13/07/2016 13:32 79 78 +
13/07/2016 13:32 76 43 +
14/07/2016 11:00 71 38 +
14/07/2016 11:00 70 70 +
15/07/2016 12:35 83 48 +
15/07/2016 12:35 83 84 +
15/07/2016 12:35 78 82 +
16/07/2016 04:12 70  
16/07/2016 04:12 72  
16/07/2016 14:37 79 51 +
17/07/2016 09:02 73 50 +
17/07/2016 15:30 79  
18/07/2016 17:04 72 70 +
19/07/2016 12:57 70  
21/07/2016 07:45 82 42 +
22/07/2016 05:04 72  

Banksie?  Not!

Bettisfield is experiencing a bout of anti social behaviour, could it be Midsummer Madeness?  Graffiti at Bridge 49, all the posters ripped fron the village noticeboard and traffic cones placed in the middle of Cadney Lane to catch unwary motorists.  What is going on?  Is it teenage hormones pushing the envelope?  Could it be the heat?  Perhaps its grumpy old folks trying to protest about Brexit?  Whatever the cause best to keep your eyes peeled especially if you are a driver after dark, you never know what will be lurking round the corner.

Fitness trail

Your Community Councillors are considering a plan to make a fitness trail on a popular circular walk around the village.  If you have any views (for or against) please let us know.  If you have experience of fitness trails and would like to help do get in touch.

Helpers sought

Remember the Bettisfield Fun Day a few years ago?  If you enjoyed it and are willing to join a team to organise a similar event in August to raise funds for the Village Hall please contact us through the Village Web contact us page or phone Phil (710145).

David and Gill would like to thank our local community for all the support and sympathy, cards and flowers they received following the death of David’s mother, a remarkable lady.

A Remarkable Lady

The funeral of a remarkable Bettisfield resident ws held last week.  Joan Kington, who died aged 96, was a farmer who joined the Army as a driver in WW11, was driver to the US Advocate General, landed in Normandy as part of the D-Day force, saw the horrors of concentration camps and attended the Nuremburg War Crimes trials.  There can not be many men, let alone women who had such a remarkable life.

Wildlife Habitat destructuion

The former Nag’s Head field used to be a haven for wildlife and a hunting ground for raptors such as the Peregrin Falcon and owls.  Unfortunately the activities of the developer had little regard for the habitat and for over a year it has been left in a very poor condition.  Whilst landowners may have rights to treat their land as they wish surely some authority must have the power to insist that vandalism of this nature must be rectified?  After all even old coal spoil heaps and gravel workings have been converted into nature reserves.  Planning permission for this site was refused on the grounds that Bettisfield did hot have mains sewerage and there should be no further development until such a time as sewage infrastructure was put in place.

Whitchurch Surgery to close?

If your surgery is closing and you live in Maelor South you may not be aware that there is a Surgery in Hanmer under Dr K J Redman.  Dr Redman has plans in place to develop a Community Health Centre  with associated services such as a minor injuries unit, special clinics and visits by specialist consultants.  This will be in Hanmer at new premises and you might want to consider moving closer to home.

The Bettisfield Flasher

The first results are coming back from our flashing speed sign and your Councillors were staggered at the number of vehicles passing through Bettisfield.  At the Church end of the village the sign recorded over 1000 vehicles a day, whilst at the Northwood end this rose to over 1600 v3hi9cles a day.  The fastest vehicles on both sides of the village were doing well over 70 mph!!  Most divers  reduced their speed when passing the sign by about 20%, so it would appear that the sign has a positive effect.

The data we gather will be used to support our case for a 30mph speed limit in the village/  We know that the village more than qualifies for a lower speed limit but the Borough Council is far too reluctant to commit to giving us a lower limit.  Now that the 30mph signs have been replaced with 20mph ones in Hanmer they can’t complain that cost is a factor.

If you feel strongly about Bettisfield not having a 30mph limit please write or email to WCBC Chief Executive and Ken Skates our assembly Member.

Farewell PCSO Phil

PCSO Phil Jones was a familiar sight in Bettisfield up to 5 years ago.  The Community Council has just heard that he lost his battle with cancer and died on 28th February.  He was well known to many villagers and always had a smile.  He was always keen to help our community and liked to chat to those he met when doing his rounds.  Since Phil left Bettisfield we have had a succession of PCSO but none seem to take such an interest in us.  The Community Council has sent a leter of condolence to his family.

Just How Fast is Fast?

As Einstein said ‘Its all relative.’  BT finally found my line and connected me up on Saturday.  So it was with great anticipation that I did a speed check.  Mbs!!!!!! and it didn’t improve all weekend.  OK, it was faster than I had been getting  (2 – 7 Mbs) but not exactly light speed.   A phone call this Monday morning to my ISP revealed that my service had not been fully activated but would be during the day.  Its now Monday evening and I am enjoying a speed of 20Mbs, will it creep higher or am I too far down the (copper) line?

Local Development Plan – Public Consultation

WCBC has released its new LDP for public comment.  Copies of the plan are available across the Borough but our nearest copy will be at Overton Library from 12th February.  There will also be an exhibition about the LDP at Overton Village Hall on Thursday 24th March 3pm – 7pm.    All comments about the Plan must be received by WCBC by 1st April 2016.  There is also a LDP Portal on the WCBC website.

Bettisfield Flasher Activated

The new flashing speed warning sign has been installed and switched on.  Ther Community Council hopes it will cause drivers to check their speed through the village.  If you have any concerns about the sign please let one of our Councillors know.

Superfast,  where are trading standards?

So just how many BT/Openreach engineers does it take to connect someone to this superfast fibre broadband.  We are sorry because we can’t answer that question.

Case A.  Engineer calls but can not get into ‘The Cabinet’.  Comes back 8 days later starts to connect the new modem but can’t find the phone line in the cabinet.  Now Day 16 still waiting for someone to find the line and connect it up!

Case B:  Engineer comes installs new modem goes back to exchange, customer left without any broadband,  14 days later 3 vans and 5 engineers at the exchange but no one has a key to the Cabinet!  Strewth, customer still has no broadband so phones BT.  Indian gentleman answers, finally, and tells customer ‘He will arrange for an engineer to come out to sort the problem.  But there will be a call-out charge!!!!’  I can’t print what the customer said.

Case C:  Customer loses  his landline connection.  BT arrange for his landline number to be diverted to his mobile (luckily he has a mobile signal in Bettisfield).  Unfortunately for his friends they are charged at maximum rate for calls to a mobile.  Ooops.

All the above are happening now in Bettisfield.  When is someone gong to take control of the situation and bring us into the 21st century.  Nero fiddled while Rome burned.  BT are using Victorian lines to handle a 21st century technology.  Bettisfield may well go into melt down.  If you have fast broadband and it is working, count your lucky stars.

Road to Ruin?

While the Welshampton to Nothwood road has been closed all the traffic has been diverted via Bettisfield and combined with the awful weather, this has caused much deterioration in the road surface and the verges.  As WCBC has little or no money for repairs perhaps they should charge Shropshire CC for the repairs?  If you have any complaints about the local roads then write , email ot telephone Darren Green at WCBC or let Village Web know.

Local Update

It is good to hear that at least one local business has got good fast broadband service from their ISP (Plus Net).   Private consumers are not doing so well.  Village web has heard of 4 successful conversions, three instances where the switch over failed and one customer left without any broadband at all and one where the broadband runs at a snail’s pace (the dark days of dial-up) but there is no phone line connection!

Web of deceit?

Have you read the BBC News pages about broadband in the UK?  If not then click here to read .  One fact I find hard to understand is how BT have been allowed to continue using their copper wire network in rural areas rather than run fibre cables to future-proof the network.  Do they know that some of their cables run along the bottom of the ditch that borders Cadney Lane and The Cadney?  Friends in Welshampton are enjoying basic speeds abouve 10Mbs while many of us in Bettisfield struggle with speeds around 0.5 – 2Mbs.  Could this be ‘The Welsh Effect’ that has been spoken about in regard to NHS waiting times?

Super Fast or Super Cock-Up?

There is no doubt that if you live within spitting distance of the Bettisfield Exchange you can get broadband speeds of up to 75 – 80 Mb/s.  But as you get past the start of Cadney Lane the speed and the reliability seem to drop off dramatically.  If you can get connected, that is.  At least 3 subscribers to my knowledge are having problems.  Two were told that the engineer could not access the cabinet to make the connections as BT had installed an additional lock and omitted to make this fact known to their ‘partners’.  Someone else went away for a couple of days only to find on their return that there was no broadband at al.  The engineer found that their connection had been unplugged whilst they were away!  Not only that but the engineer discovered there was a fault in the conduit along Cadney Lane.

I don’t know about your connection but my broadband has slowed from around 7Mb/s to less than 3Mb/s in recent weeks.  To the estent that I can no longer stream video.  Our phone line has also deteriorated in quality such that all calls are accompanied by clicks and whistles with very poor reception.  So what is going on?  Is it  BT or Oper Reach or Superfast Cymru?  Please sort it out.

Congratulations to the Bettisfield First Responders

On passing their examination.  We now have within the village trained responders and a public access defibrilator which should let you all sleep easier in your beds.  For a village such as ours, right on the edge of the Welsh Ambulance Service area, it is reassuring to know that we have a group of public spirited villagers who are prepared to give of their time to help others.   If there are any of you who feel you could do something like this ad have the time then get in touch with Kevin Brown.

Church fails electrical inspection

Following a routine electrical test it was clear that the church would need rewiring.  It was last done in 1959, probably when electricity was installed!  In order to carry out the work the PCC has applied for a Faculty – legal document which will allow us to carry out the work.  As the work will cost around £5000 the PCC has applied for grants to fund the work and bring the church electrics up to modern specifications.

Planning Permission refused for Nags Head Field.

Click here to read why.

New Venture for Corner Farm, Welshampton

Lin and Roger Edwards are seeking planning permission for Corner Farm, Welshampton (at the junction of Rowe Lane and the A495).  Their plan is to develop the old farm buildings into a farm shop, cafe/restaurant, visitor centre and caravan site.  The full details are available on the Shropshire Planning Website reference 15/03706/ful.  They hope this venture will bring new business and jobs to the area.  You can see the full details online but you will need to register to leave comments of support or objection.  Roger and Lin curently run a dairy farm at Little Hall Farm, Bettisfield.

Planning Permission for Nag’s Head field  – REFUSED.

WCBC have turned down the application to build 14 houses on the Nags Head field.  Many thought that this was the only sensible option given all the problems with the boggy field and the risk of flooding to homes adjoining the site.  The developer has not endeared himself to the villagers by constantly flouting the planning conditions on his current development of four homes along main street.  Now that permission has been refused will he be made to reinstate the field that he trashed?  What does Natural Resources Wales think?

Can you spot a Russian?

“Twitcher” reports that Russian blackbirds have been spotted in Bettisfield.  Apparently they hang about in groups and have darker beaks.  Are there any other unusual winter visitors in your garden?  If you would like to be our wildlike correspondent please email reports by clicking here.

New Fence!

The person who demolished the fence has engaged Richard Chadwick to repair it.  It now looks good as new though Richard tells me he is fed up of telling people he did not do it.  Thank you Richard and Anthony ( otherwise known to friends as Ant and Dick) for doing a great job.

Weather Watch

It has been a rather wet November and December looks as if it is also going to be wet.  We are lucky to have the Nags Head field still acting as a sponge to soak up the excess and slowly release it down the main drain.  If WCBC gives permission for homes to be built on the field then we may need to out ourr homes on stilts.  We do not want a Cockermouth or Glenridding episode here.

High Speed Broadband

The rollout of hiigh speed fibre optic broadband has started in the village.  In addition to BT, Plusnet and Eclipse are offering the higher speeds of up to 80 Mb/s download and 20Mb upload.  Prices seem to vary so it may be worthwhile shopping around for a deal.  It is going to be interesting to see just what the speed will be down Cadney Lane but I will have to wait until January 15th to be switched over.  If you are willing to share the information please tell the Village Web what speed you finally get.


DFF1.jpg  DFF2.jpg  DFF3.jpg

Vehcle demolishes Donkey Field Fence

On Saturday evening someone driving from Northwood missed the cadney Lane turn and demolshed the fence, ending up in the field.  It must have taken a large 4×4 to pull the vehicle out as there is quite a drop into the field.  Did you see anything?  We can only surmise that the driver was either drunk, affected by the weather or had a heart attack.  There must be plenty of damage to the front of the vehicle so let Village Web know if you spot anything.  Of you were the driver then do the decent thing and repair the fence and road sign and if you were drunk DONT DRIVE.

 High Speed Broadband

A resident has passed on this information he received about HSB.

The best price BT can currently offer for unlimited fibre (capped at 40Mb/s but expected to average 19Mb/s however) is £23 per month on top of line rental + one off £39 activation fee.   There is also package with a 20Gb usage cap for about £18 per month + line rental+ activation.  There was also a 40Gb usage cap option for £20 pm but it wasn’t available from our exchange for some reason.

These offers were for existing BT customers. There are significantly better offers for new customers switching  to BT.

So much for customer loyalty…..

I told the (UK based) saleperson I would continue to think about it for now. She pointed out that there were no competitors offering fibre in our exchange.

North Wales Police are looking for local
volunteers to help deter speeding motorists across the region. Please see attached documents

The initiative is a partnership approach between the community, the police and the local authorities which is already running successfully in other police force areas.

“Community Speed Watch gives local people the ability to actively get involved in road safety. It can be set up in any village, small town, or urban area, governed by either a 20, 30 or 40 miles per hour speed limit,” said Sergeant John Roberts from GoSafe, the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership.

“Motorists who speed through residential neighbourhoods are very often unaware of the impact their actions have on local residents, or the danger they pose to other road users and pedestrians and this is something we are working with communities to address.”

Full training will be given and volunteers on the scheme will visit known speeding hotspots within their own communities and will use hand-held speed guns to capture the speeds of oncoming vehicles. Details of those vehicles will be collated and relayed back to North Wales Police, who then issue a letter to the owners warning them that they have been spotted.

North Wales Police are now recruiting volunteers for the role of ‘Community Speed Watch Operator’. If you would like to help reduce speeding in your area and feel that you would be interested in this role please visit the North Wales Police Website and follow the link on the recruitment page

Quote OWL Eastern

Download Associated Documents
Documents accompanying this message are linked below. Click to download and open a file which use the popular PDF format. If you experience problems downloading or viewing a file please visit this help page on the OWL website.

Note by Web Ed:

I asked what had happened to our request for a 30mph l;imit as we were not covered by the training.  This was the reply I received:

Thank you for your email in regards to the speed limit for Bettisfield, we have passed this to Inspector Downes, as well as to Road Policing Unit and we hope, like you that this is being reconsidered.

We do hope that Bettisfield does form a Community Speed watch as the two we formed in Flintshire have been working well and on the back of this is why they are seeking to develop these schemes across North Wales.

If we can be of any further assistance to you please let us know.

High Speed Broadband, at last?

Steve Morris tackled BT Openreach about our lack of high speed broadband he was told that our Cabinet is now enabled (#4) and they are now taking orders for fibre speeds up to 40 Mbs!  Please let the Village Web know if you are successful in getting the high speeds.

Winter draws on.

Anyone hoping for a mild dry winter will need to dust off their wellies.  The last few weeks have seen Bettisfield return to normal with flooded roads and ditches.  If your property borders a ditch please make sure it is clear of weeds and silt so that the water can drain down from the top of the village.  You may not be aware that the main drain carries water from the fields around the village hall and The Old School House via a culvert under the canal, past Bridge Cottage.  The field behind the Old Shop and Stable yard acts as a sponge, preventing surface water from inundation the top of Cadney Lane.

New seat in village hall garden

P1070850A new seat in memory of Shane Vickers has beendonated and placed in the village hall garden, thanks to  Bob H.  The seat will complement the one which Philip and Shane’s friends and family gave.  For those of you seeking a bit of peace and tranquility where better to contemplate your navel than the village hall garden?

The Bettisfield Flasher

Your Community Council has purchased a flashing speed sign for the village.  It is activated by passing vehicles and will display a,cautionary slow down or Thank you as you approach it.  It can also display a 30mph limit as and when we get our village speed limit.

Time on their hands.

P1070845 P1070849 P1070848

Don’t panic if you notice that the church clock face has disappeared.  It has been taken down for renovation and re-gilding.  This will take about 2 weeks so it will appear again soon.

Update on Donkey Field

Three members of the community Council met with Harry Griffiths who is the Customer Service representative of the Canal and River Trust. We discussed the Donkey Field, its overgrown state and what the villagers wanted from it. Mr. Griffiths was very positive in saying that he would arrange to have it cleared and get his workman to come during the year to keep it reasonable. He would also look at the waste disposal problem and arrange for a container to be put on the canal side. He suggested he could give a talk to villagers, on how volunteer groups could help pick up rubbish or clear walkways.  We agreed that clearing the site would be the first priority and thought would be given to any further work we wanted to be discussed at a future date. JB (24/10/15).

Before the lights go out

In 1959 electric lights were installed in Bettisfield church.  In 2015 they failed to pass the wiring inspection and will need to be reqired at a cost of £2500 – £3000.  As the parish is responsible for the upkeep of the church we will need to raise funds to bring the wiring up to current standards.  So carols by candlelight may be a reality this winter!

Where’s the Fibre?

BT sent me a letter last week offering broadband with a speed of 17mbs, which I think, is the lowest of the fibre broadband speeds.  So I phoned my ISP who told me that they had not been informed by BT that the exchange was ready for high speed.  Why haven’t BT switched us over – any ideas?

Further Developments

The Community Council has received an enquiry from a land owner about developing a plot of land in Cadney Lane.  If you would like to view the proposals please ask a Community Councillor to forward the document to you.  Please let us have any views before October’s meeting.

Down came the rain.

Well its supposed to have been the driest summer for agers, then after only one day’s rain the Northwood Road ends up under water again.  Are we surprised?


Undrwater again, the Northwood Road on 2/9/15



Another stretch under water









What a Great Day

A big, big thank you to everyone who contributed to the Shane and Phil Memorial Day on Bank Holiday Saturday which took the form of a Five-a-Side Challenge with Zorbs, sideshows, tombola and raffle.  Cars stretched between the Canal and Railway bridges and lots of folks turned out to celebrate the lives of Shane and Phil.  Two benches have been purchased with donations and a plaque engraved in memory of Shane and Phil.  The benches will enhance the village hall and give sitters a moment of quiet reflection.

Terri and David and Christine and Kevin ,must have been very proud to see so many come along and help remember Phil and Shane.  A special thanks to Steven and Helen Dunn for organising the day which raised over £900 for the Village Hall.

We are looking forward to next year’s day guys!

Superfast Bradband

I received the following reply this morning to my query about when the Bettisfield Exchange would switch over:

Good Morning,

Thank you for your email. I have checked and your exchange area is scheduled to be upgraded this month. The first cabinets will go live in the area and work will continue thereafter to deliver access to fast fibre broadband to as many premises as possible. If you register on our website,, we will email you when a fast fibre solution is available in your area. In the meantime, if you have any other queries, or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Martyn Rogers

Superfast Cymru Team


Police Contact Numbers

Our local PCSO is Lynne Maurice you can contact her on 01978 348425 or 07854 352815

We also have a Wildlife crime officer – PC David Hart, his contact muber is 0300 3333 000 ext 66645.  If you suspect a crime against wildlife *nesting birds, water voles for example) or a wildlife habitat being destroyed (eg large excavator on a wetland) do contact David right away.

Brown Water / Low Pressure

If you’ve got either or both of these at your tap today (25/7) please be aware that a large volume of water was taken illegally from the Bettisfield main by the builders on the Nags Head site.  Dee Valley Water were called but took a long time to come out.  Please complain to Dee Valley Water (01978 846946.  If you have to leave your taps running to clear the brown gunk then ask to be credited for the water lost.

Driver Alert Signs – 30 mph zone

At the Community Council meeting on 7th July a representative of the manufacturers of flashing road signs will be attending to discuss the possibiity of installing 2 signs in the village.  Although your council has proven the case for a 30 mph limit in the village it could be some months before Wrexham gets around to installing the signs.  In the meantime we are hoping to go ahead with the driver alert (VAD) signs.

 WCBC Budget Cuts

At the June meeting Concillor Kenyon told us that t was likely that the Conty Council Budget would be cut by some £15,000,000 per year for the next 3 years.  It almost makes a move to Greece look attractive.

Fibre Broadband.

High speed broadband is getting closer to the village as evidenced by the activity along Avenue Road and Northwood Lane.  IF you want higher broadband speeds you must register with Superfast Cymru so they know where to run the fibre optic cable.   I currently get 7Mbps which is close to the limit for copper cable, what is your speed?


Campanologists eclipsed!

Bettisfield bell ringers broke off from practice this morning as they found the solar eclipse very appealing.






So that’s what  all the fuss was about.







From the Community Council Archives

You must know by now that your Community Council is campaigning for a 30mph speed limit for the village.  Imagine the surprise when our Chairwoman came across this item from the meeting minutes for 10th November 2005 referring to Bettisfield:-

The Clerk hgd asked Highways about the possibility of a reduced speed limit .  She was told that if The Nags Head Development was approved a 30mph speed limit would be introduced over the whole village.”

The development was approved in 2007, so what are we still waiting for Wrexham?

Action Group Formed

There was a lot of discussion at the Village Meeting about the poor quality of the footings for the four town houses on the Old Nags Head Site.  Fears were raised about whether they conformed to building regulations and if not, what action could be taken.  There waws a call for  a group to take the matter forward and you can follow this on the Action Group Page.  Concerns and photos can be sent to the Village Web Editor (see Bettisfield Newsletter).

When the village carries the can

There was a time when all building inspection and control came under the remit of the local authority, nowadays developers can use private firms to provide these services instead.  When this has occurred in the village before we have had developments that had no sewerage provision or were not signed off for habitation.  The worrying thing for the Community Council is that there does not appear to be any fall back position if the developer and their inspectors do not fulfil their obligations under building regulations.


The Northwood Road

Chris Lund of Cadney Lane had some serious tyre damage driving along Northwood Road, he has kindly shared his email exchanges with WCBC in an aqttempt to seek reimbursement of his costs.

Road Defects Northwood to Bettisfield. Ref: Customer Number – 180149: job reference number is 753051

D Helen Paterson,

On Tuesday evening 27th January 2015, I was returning home at 18:45, along the Northwood to Bettisfield Road, when my car hit a pothole on the nearside of the road, this caused an immediate deflation to my front nearside tyre. I managed to slowly make my way home on a flat tyre, upon removal of the wheel; it was immediately obvious that the tyre had been severely damaged, with a 40mm split in the side wall.

I changed the wheel over for my spare and drove back to the site of the pothole, where I took photos and dimensions of the aforementioned pothole. Upon my return home, I went onto the Wrexham County Borough Council Highways webpage and logged details of the pothole and submitted a photo with dimensions of the road surface defect. I also requested that someone get in touch with me, with the details of whom I need to contact as regards to claiming for any loss/damage to the tyre/wheel/vehicle. So far I have received 2 automated emails (attached to this email), neither of which give me any details as to the claim process.

I have today received confirmation from a garage that the tyre is indeed destroyed and will have to be replaced, also the alloy wheel now has a flat spot where it made contact with the pothole and must be replaced as it is unsafe to use, fortunately there is no damage to the steering or suspension of the vehicle, however the garage are now quoting approximately £600 + VAT to replace both the alloy wheel and tyre. For clarification, my car underwent a MoT inspection last week with no defects reported and the 2 front tyres were 3 weeks old (invoice available).

I require, urgently, a written response from yourself as to the claims process and who will contact me to resolve this issue as I expect any and all associated costs resulting from the damage caused by the poor maintenance of the aforementioned road to be refunded to myself. The maintenance of this highway is the responsibility of Wrexham County Borough Council the poor condition of which has been highlighted to WCBC on previous occasions by Bettisfield Community Council, under the “Repair our Road” campaign.

I have also attached photos of both the pothole (same photo as submitted to the WCBC website) and also the damage to the tyre, unfortunately I do not have a photo of the damage to the wheel, however the garage is retaining both the damaged wheel and tyre and they can be inspected by prior appointment.

I await your prompt reply.


Chris Lund

Dear Mr Lund

Thank you for your email of 29 instant regarding the above.

I see from your attachments that you have been told you will receive an email update on the progress of your enquiry within five working days of reporting the incident which you did on 27 January.  If you haven’t heard any more by 2 February, please let me know and I shall certainly chase a response.

Yours sincerely

Ruth Kellett

Dear Ms Kellet

Thank you for your response, however you have totally missed the main point of my email, I have now requested twice (electronically) for someone to contact me to advise me on what the claim procedure is for reimbursement for loss/damage to my vehicle, which was caused by a WCBC badly maintained road.

I could understand this oversight via the automatic logging of Road Defects, but not from you or your colleagues, especially as it is clearly written in the email below.

Also, it is now 18:15 on Tuesday 2nd February 2015 and I have not received an update regarding my reporting of the pothole, nor is there any evidence that WCBC have even been to look at these potholes, by evidence I mean that there are no markings around these potholes (as has been previously applied to old repairs on this road).

I now require a written response, within 24 hours, for both the status of the investigation and my request regarding WCBC claims procedure. With regards to any claim I make (wheel alone was £500 + VAT, I am awaiting the invoice for the tyre), I will expect reimbursement within 7 days of submitting the claim.

You will note that Susan Elan Jones MP has again been copied into this email and hope she is taking note, of not only the poor condition of our local roads, but also how poorly WCBC treats its own Council Tax payers.

Yours sincerely

Mr Chris Lund



Village Web was surprised that no salvage attempts were nade before the Nag’s Head was demolished.  Dating from the 1700s many of the bricks would have been hand made, possible at Fenn’s Bank  and could easily have been cleaned and used on other resttoration projects.  Similarly the Welsh slates were smashed, given the price of new slates, especially Welsh ones, would it not have made sense to reclaim them?  Does it give you confidence for the development which will follow?  Can anyone remember how long the original developers spent pumping water from the ground before giving up trying to sink septic tanks?

The State of theNorthwood Road

Mrs Ann Jones (The Oaks) has written to our MP to complain about the state of this road.  The office of Susan Elan Jones MP has responded please see below.  Please do write to the leader of WCBC (Dr Helen Patterson) and copy your email or letter to the MP.  The more voices complaining, the more likely it will move higher on the WCBC agenda.

“Dear Mrs Jones,

Susan Elan Jones MP will write to Wrexham Council’s Chief Executive, Dr Helen Paterson to make representations on your behalf with regard to the condition of the highway between Bettisfield and Northwood.

Susan will ask whether funds from central government are to be cascaded to Wrexham council to tackle the condition of the roads in the borough. Susan will also enquire what plans are in place to tackle the problems relating to this particular stretch of highway.

You are welcome to tell your neighbours that Susan is making these representations and it might strengthen your cause if you and the others effected write individually to the Council also copying

in Susan.

Susan can be contacted at:

Susan Elan Jones MP House of Commons London SW1A OAA

Dr Helen Paterson can be contacted at:

Dr Helen Paterson Chief Executive Wrexham County Borough Council The Guildhall Wrexham LL111AY

Should any of your neighbours copy Susan in on a letter of complaint to the Council, Susan will also forward their correspondence on for the Council to be aware that Susan as MP has been asked to make these representations.

While of course this office can make no promises with regard to outcome, you can be assured that Susan will do ail she can within her remit as a Member of Parliament to represent your case to the Council in attempt to move this matter forward for you.

Susan’s email is:”

Community Council News – January

At our meeting on January 6th there was much discussion about village speed limits and we think we may have found a way to get proper limits for Bettisfield. According to a 2013 publication by The Welsh Assembly on Rural Speed Limits ‘the norm for villages should be 30mph.’ The document goes on to define just what a village is and Bettisfield meets all the criteria.

Your Community Council has agreed to spend £2,500 on an electronic speed sign, we would like to purchase 2, one for each end of the village but do not have sufficient funds. Are there any businesses that would like to sponsor a second sign? If so, please contact the Community Council.

Your Council is keen to improve our village environment by looking after the Donkey Field at the top of Cadney Lane. Discussions have been opened with the Canal and River Trust and you can hear the latest by coming along to the Village Open Forum on February 13th.

Each month our Community Police Officers give priority to an aspect of policing in the villages, during the coming year driving whilst over the limit will feature strongly.

Ken Muir is stepping down as a councillor after many years of service to Bettisfield. He is the longest serving member of the Community Council. Ken has been a very active member of the Council and took a special interest in the state of our roads. I am sure villagers will want to give Ken a BIG THANK YOU for his efforts over the years. The process to fill Ken’s seat will be advertised soon. If you have thought about being a councillor and working for the Bettisfield Community please apply.


Trunk Road Survey

The Welsh assembly has asked Community Councils for their views on Trunk Roads in their area.  The A495 Redbrook to Ellesmere passes through our area and has been a cause for concern for some years.  There have been a number of accidents, some fatal, in our patch and over the years volume of traffic and number of HGVs has steadily increased.  Would you favour a 40 MPH limit between the Maelor Tree nursery and Breadon Heath?  Should their be double white loines on the approach to the Bettisfield junctions?  Please let your Community Councillors know your views before 30th November so the Council can reply to this request.  Details have been posted on the village noticeboards.


Public Access Defibrillator Launch

On Saturday 25th October at 2.00pm at Bettisfield Methodist Chapel Kevin Brown will give a talk on Bettisfield’s new emergency defibrillator scheme.  As you know it can take ambulances up to 40 minutes to get to Bettisfield and this delay can mean curtains for anyone suffering a heart attack in the village.  This new project funded by the Community Council and the British Heart Foundation and led by Kevin means that a fast response to heart attacks is now possible.  Come along and find out how the service will work and just what is a defibrillator?


Bus service to return?

There has been no fanfare but notices have appeared in the village saying that a bus service No. 45f will run from Monday 15th September between Cadney Lane Bettisfield and Wrexham at 10.00am returning at from Wrexham.  It will run via Bangor on Dee and Worthenbury.  If you use it please let the Village Web know how you got on.


Its not Banksey.

Graffiti has been daubed on Clapping Gate and Cornhill Bridges, probably by members of a drunken hen or stag party on a canal ‘cruise’ for the weekend.  Thanks ro Val Bagnall for spotting it and flagging t up on Bettisfield Facebook page.  Roger from the Canal and River Trust is hoping to try and remove it on Thursday September 11th.

 Rubbish dumped on Nag’s Head site

The owner of the Nags Head site, far from building the houses for which he has permission is dumping building waste from a hotel he is demolishing in Handsworth, according to neighbours.  This is not allowed and he has been warned by Planning Enforcement to remove the waste materials and dispose of it legally.  So if you see more material being dumped please let your local Community Councillor know of Fran Evans at Planning Enforcement in Wrexham.

Canal Car Park and Donkey Field

There have been complaints to Bettisfield Community Councillors about the state of the roadside hedge to the car park and the presence of ragweed in the long grass of the Donkey Field.  The Canal and River Trust (CaRT) which replaced British Waterways says it will not be cutting the hedge until October because of nesting birds.  In Wales farmers are allowed to cut hedges from the end of July so surely the Trust can cut this hedge ot prevent damage to vehicles passing along Cadney Lane?

The Community Council considers that the field and car park do not enhance the village environment and would like to look after the site for CaRT to the benefit of the village, the environment and the canal users.  If you have any views on this please let your Community Councillor know.

Dog Fouling of Paths

If your dog fouls a path and you do not ‘scoop-a-poop’ you may be in for a fine.  Anyone can report a dog fouling a path to our local PCSO Robina and she will issue the dog’s owner with a fine of £75!  Reporting is confidential so your details will not be revealed to the dog owner.  Robina says she has already issed tickets to owners in Bronnington, so please clean up after your dog to avoid the fine.

Superfast Broadband – Don’t hold your breath!

Welsh Assembly Member Aled Roberts urges broadband users in border areas to fill out the Welsh Assembl;y survey if they want superfast broadband. The Village Web checked out Superfast-Cymru a partnership between the Assembly and BT which is to deliver superfast broadband to Wales, but only 96% of it.  In a Wrexham Leader article Aled Roberts suggested fill out the survey at, but I could not get the site to load!  There is, however some interesting information on including starting dates for the conversion of telephone exchanges.  Conversion of the Hanmer and Redbrook exchanges will start in March 2015 while Threapwood will start this September.  Bettisfield and Whixall have no start date and the following message appears:-

“Further planning and survey is currently being done for Welsh properties  served off this exchange under the Superfast Cymru programme.  Keep checking for more details.”

If you use broadband for business from home or would like to have the advantages of speed for your nome use then do visit the Superfast Cymru site and register your vote for Bettisfield.  If you do not then don’t complain about slow broadband speeds.

WW1 Centenary

With this date fast approaching St John the Baptist Church is hoping to publish a booklet commemorating the men whose names appear on the parish war memorial and Roll of Honour in the Village Hall.  If you have any photographs or stories in your family archive please share them with us to help make the booklet more complete..  Please contact Phil Jones on 710145.


Welsh Assembly Member Ken Skates has taken a keen interest in the village’s campaign to get a £)mph limit through Bettisfield, and to imp0rove safely along the A495 from Breadon Heath to the Hanmer junction..  WCBC have told us that speed limits are under a review which is in year 2 of its 5 year period.  You may be as confused as I was to see the plethora of speed limits painted onto the A525, was this also part of the 5 year review?  It seems a real waste of materials and labour with no thought to logic or the results on confused drivers!


At last the appalling stretch of road around Church Corner has been resurfaced, but I wonder why the stretch from Taraloka to the Village Hall has not been done?  Answers on a postcard please.  On 29th May an Environmental Visual Assessment of the roads in Bettisfield will take place.  This will involve North Wales Police, Llod Kenyon (Borough Councillor) a person from WCBC Highways and Community Councillors.  If there is a particular stretch of road or pot hole you want them to see, please contact your Community Councillors.

Rural Taxibus to be axed?

A Bettisfield user of the service was told the other day that the Taxibus will soon cease to operate from Bettisfield.  Does this mean it is being withdrawn from all rural areas?  Cutting off a lifeline for many vulnerable residents, or is Bettisfield being singled out, if so why?

Bettisfield Falls off Map (again)

High Speed broadband is being rolled out to rural communities in Wrexham.  Redbrook, Bronington and Hanmer exchanges will all have it by 2015.  Enquiries about the Bettisfield exchange were met with the response – Where is that?  So if you want faster broadband you had better badger your County Councillor (Lloyd Kenyon) and Assembly Member (Ken Skates) to try and get Bettisfield put on the list/  If not, don’t complain about your broadband speed.



To Izzy and Hattie for their winning entry in the DRIVE SLOWLY poster competition.  Their winning entry will soon be appearing around the violage in an attempt to get drivers to slow down.  Well done to everyone who entered.


Pub Night

Would you support a pub night at the village hall?  Come along and play darts, pool or just have a noggin and natter.  Let the village hall committee know your views.  It would probably start in the autumn and to keep costs down, bring your own booze.  We have a great facility in our village hall, lets use it a bit more.

Design a Sign

Could you design a road sign that would prompt drivers to reduce their speed through Bettisfield?  On Saturday 1st March from 2 – 4.30 pm your Community Council will be holding a competition for children of all ages in the village hall.  There will also be experts on hand on Fire safety in the home, so if you would like a free smoke alarm check come along and sign up.  There will be a police car on display and we hope to have a fire engine and ambulance.  You can also get details about Bettisfield’s defibrillator campaign from the scheme leader, Kevin.  Tea and cakes are being served and their will be prizes for the winning signs.

 Saving a life.

The Community Council is always looking for ways to improve the village, a recent suggestion was that there should be a public access defibrillator in the village.  Bettisfield is right on the edge of the Wales Ambulance Service map and valuable minutes could be saved if there was a locally available defibrillator.  What do you think?  Where sould it be sited?  The Ambulance Service will provide training so in the event of someone having a heart attack help could be minutes rather than tens of minutes away.  Kevin Brown (710184) has offered to lead the campaign to get a cPAD (public access defibrillator) so please contact him of you can help.  For more information about Community defibrillators see the website Community Heartbeat.

Christmas Party

The Village Christmas Party was a great place to make new friends and get to know your neighbours.  From comments received many of you thought it a great ice-breaker and that there should be similar events during the coming year.  So here is a challenge:  If you enjoyed the party do you have ideas for a spring / summer party?  Would you be prepared to help organise it?  Don’t be shy, your village needs you.


The former Nags Head site sold at auction today (17/12) for £225,00, so it is looking as if a full development of the site will be happening soon.

Village Meeting Report:

At the village meeting on 11th which was very well attended there was much discussion about the future development of the former Nag’s Head site.Having witnessed the problems that previous developers had on attempting to drain the land for building and of getting excess water away from the site most villagers were not in favour of it being developed.  There was a proposal to try and raise sufficient funds to enable  a consortium of residents to bid for the site but not enough funds were pledged by Friday noon to allow this to proceed.  Had we been able to acquire the site the feeling of the meeting was that the four started homes should be built but that the remainder of the site should become a wildlife area, a green centre for the village.

All was not lost as the views expressed will form the basis of a Village Strategy that should help guide future village development.